The annual exam you get at your doctor’s office measures your cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate, and whether or not type 2 diabetes is in your future. The whole point of the exam is to catch health problems early and nip them in the bud before they get bigger. But what about examining the health of your muscles, bones, and joints?

Measuring these parts of your body is equally important for detecting issues early before they turn into chronic problems or result in serious injury. However, a typical annual exam often does not measure these physical components, leaving a big gap in your awareness of your own fitness and preventing you from being in complete control of your physical health and well-being.

Now there is a way for you to know the health of your muscles, bones, and joints and whether you are at risk for developing a serious and costly injury. This new medical advancement is called BodyQ™.


BodyQ™ is an integrated testing program that analyzes your muscle strength, flexibility, range of motion, vision, hearing, balance, and recovery time – all in one 45-minute testing session. The results and recommendations are immediate – no need to wait for days or weeks to know how to improve your health.

BodyQ is very much like your annual physical exam in that it detects problem areas early and can prevent injury – or even surgery – down the road. Additionally,it allows health care professionals to create a custom action plan to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and overall well-being.


Several years ago, Dan Deems, a physician and surgeon, was told he needed knee surgery because of a sports injury. He opted for physical therapy first, which corrected his muscular imbalances. The result? Not only was he spared from knee surgery, but the physical therapy process relieved neck and back pain he had had for decades.

Understanding the importance of muscle, bone, and joint analysis, as well as the benefits of physical therapy for relieving pain, preventing further injury, and avoiding surgery, Dr. Deems joined a team of innovators who together created the BodyQ testing system.

“A lot of people ignore aches and pains, hoping they’ll go away, or they think it’s just a natural part of getting older,” says Deems, MD, PhD, FACS. “With BodyQ, we can discover looming problems, correct balance challenges, and identify ailments you can reverse so you can live a higher quality of life.”


Whether you are 16 or 75, BodyQ can make a valuable difference in your overall health and well-being. For example, a recent client, who was a young and fit 25-year-old male, complained of a slight shoulder tweak when lifting weights. Even within his athletic body, the BodyQ system revealed a problem: his deeper shoulder muscles were weak. Exercises were then prescribed to the client to strengthen the weaker muscles so they would support the many different movements that a shoulder joint is capable of. According to his physical therapist, had the client not strengthened those muscles, he would have been on the road to a rotator cuff tear and likely surgery.

For older clients, getting a BodyQ exam can determine if they suffer from MSBD (Musculo Skeletal Balance Disorder) and evaluates their risk of falling from poor balance. As 1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 falls each year, resulting in critical injury or even death, this serious issue is a growing health concern in America. Getting an annual BodyQ exam can detect if seniors are at risk of falling,and if so, recommend exercises to significantly reduce their risk.

“It’s an amazing tool that not only can prevent injury, but may even save your life,” states Dr. Deems.

The genius of BodyQ is that it looks at the body holistically and provides recommendations for preventing injury, enhancing recovery, and improving overall well-being to help you feel and be your very best.

“A client is not a knee, an elbow, or a foot,” says Tim Richardson, PT, and member of the team behind BodyQ.

“That’s why BodyQ assesses how the body functions as a whole, points out where the weaknesses are, and identifies how to fix them.”


So many people reach their retirement years and find themselves unable to truly enjoy the activities they want to do. Or maybe they are overweight or just feeling out of shape. You may not even be near retirement age, but you suffer the aches and pains from job and life stress.

Exercise and good nutrition help, of course, but it can be difficult to know where to start with food and how to perform exercises correctly.

Successful athletes don’t just guess how fast they’re running, jumping, or jogging around a track – they measure how fast and how far and chart their progress over time. They have coaches, a medical team, and sophisticated testing devices to help them figure out where best to focus their efforts.

BodyQ is like having your own team of experts documenting where you are now and helping you get to where you want be. Whether you want to increase your energy level, recover from injury or illness, run your first 5K, lose 10 pounds, reduce your risk of falling, or just feel stronger, BodyQ helps you create your personal success plan.


For optimum health, injury prevention, pain reduction, and overall well-being, get your BodyQ exam today – you will be amazed at the results. BodyQ is only available at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers and FYZICAL Fitness Centers. No doctor referral is needed to get your BodyQ testing. Find out how BodyQ can help you feel better, stronger, and healthier. Book your appointment now.