Patient Results

Our mission at FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers is to help our patients achieve the best possible results for each of our patients and provide an exceptional patient experience.


The therapists do a great job helping you with your areas that you are having problems with. They are aware of the fact that you are sore and don’t make you do more than you can handle. They also give you exercises to do at home to help you. I would advise anyone to go there for therapy!

Michele Sova

This is a first class therapy center. The DPT was very thorough and very conscientious. I would highly recommend FYZICALTherapy and Balance Centers for all your physical therapy needs.

George Napoli

I was very impressed with the staff and Therapist. Very thorough and pleasant to work with. The receptionist was a pure joy to meet and schedule with. I would highly recommend FYZICAL to anyone!! Thank you to all of you for making this such a positive experience!!

Mick Stiles

They are extremely personable, helpful, and knowledgeable. I had never heard of FYZICAL prior to for balance issues. I feel as though I’ve made much progress due to the extremely knowledgeable staff.

Janice Ives Mirabella

The PT was amazing. She helped me understand what I was dealing with, both physically and mentally. She was a wealth of information and when you’re recovering you need that support.

Lori Wong

During my time at FYZICAL, I went from having no confidence in my walking ability, to being totally self-sufficient. This is all thanks to their staff. They gently urged me through my workouts, and gave me the confidence and the ability to regain my strength and balance back to where I no longer need to use use a cane. I don’t know if they realize how grateful my husband and I are for their help in giving me my life back!

Cathy Leap Campbell

Great physical therapy. Exceeded my goals with the great care I received here.

Joyce Joray

We are here for you.

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