What is Functional Massage Therapy and How can it help?

Like a diamond there are many facets to massage therapy, but like an onion, there are many levels to its effectiveness. Come join us on this journey as we learn about the body, mind and how it reacts to life and how Functional Massage Therapy can help find and address some common issues people deal with and make life better for you.

  • Are you experiencing chronic pain, stiffness in the mornings or anytime you stay in one position to long ?
  • Do you have trouble walking, maybe  balance, going up or down stairs, playing or doing the things you used to?
  • Do you have Headaches, migraines, neck stiffness, pressure behind your eyes?
  • Do you have a pain in your neck (no I don’t mean your spouse) low back pain, sciatica, or uneven leg length?

The list goes on, but these are just some of the issues that Functional Massage Therapy can help with either by itself or in conjunction with other Healthcare Providers and Therapies.

FYZICAL Fitness of Fort Myers on Metro Pkwy has Emil A. Guido Jr. LMT who specializes in Functional Massage Therapy. Emil comes to us with over 14 yrs experience in massage therapy, seven of those years were in Chiropractic clinical settings working on clients with a variety of issues, from pain to joint replacements, postural distortions and trauma. His use of Functional Massage Therapy is highly effective in reducing pain and increasing movement and improving quality of life for people.

Functional Massage Therapy is not a specific technique but rather an approach. It’s about finding out what’s going on with you, what holding patterns the body may have, and finding the right therapy/technique to help the body heal/restore normal function. We ask ourselves, “why do the muscles hurt”, “why are they tight”, “what are the effects both physically and mentally”, and “what can be done to release them”.

Did you know that Chronic Pain is defined as lasting longer than 3 months? A person in chronic pain will start to exhibit similar symptoms as a person with depression AND a person with depression will exhibit similar symptoms of chronic pain- the lack of sleep, difficulty moving, the use of medications, some being used to treat the pain and some that may be even causing some of the pain.

Massage Therapists can help with more advanced orthopedically oriented therapies that for neural-myofascial-skeletal dysfunctions of the body. Talk with your physical therapist, see Emil at Metro and ask him questions to see how you might benefit from either Relaxation Massage or Manual Therapy Massage.

To schedule with Emil at the Metro location, call (833)-FYZICAL or send us an email at fyzicalswfl@fyzical.com.