Swing check up: your trunk.

Can you play darts standing on one foot?  Yes, but not as well as standing on both feet. When it comes to physical performance, your base is important. All sports or repetitive movements require a solid base to work from. Golf is no different.  If you are looking to improve the power of your swing, don’t waste your time strengthening your arms or your legs if  your trunk is not able to control the movement to give you a stable base.

But, how do you check the stability of your trunk?

Follow these easy steps:

1.              Stand with your back against a wall
2.              Try and touch the wall with your buttocks, shoulder blades, and back of the head.
3.              With these three points of contract in place, try and lift the arms up in front of you, and see how far you can go before you lose contract with one of the three points.
4.              If the arm movement pulls one of the contact points away from the wall early, then your body will compensate.

By compensating your body, your backswing may cause you to loose proper trunk posture, thus a poor and inconsistent swing. Want to learn some easy exercises to improve your trunk and your core? Schedule a free consult with a FYZICAL therapist here.

Swing check up: your hips.

The hips have a big influence on your swing, and if you are right handed, you will need good internal rotation of the right hip (and visa versa).

Simple Test:

1.     Stand facing a full body mirror
2.     Stand with your feet a little wider than your hips
3.     Place your hands on your hips
4.     Stand as tall as you can
5.     With the 90% of your body weight on the right leg, step the left foot towards the front of the right foot perpendicularly
6.     Do not bend at the waist

This will give you and idea as to how restricted your hips are. You should be able to place the left foot in front of the right foot at right angles if the internal rotation of the right hip is good. If the hip is stiff, you will compensate some where else in your body producing a more side bend of the trunk. You may feel like you are rotating but the compensating side bend will result in going over the top of the ball causing a fade or slice.