Hi! It’s Andrea Trank, FYZICAL Yoga Teacher and Nutrition Coach. Pelvic health is a very personal subject for me, because as an aging woman, I have had my share of pelvic problems. So my yoga practice and teaching have changed to reflect my concern with pelvic safety.

Believe it or not, yoga can destabilize your pelvis if you are not doing it correctly or trying to get into poses in an extreme way.  Think like this, deeper is not always better.  I stress safety in all my yoga classes because I have had lumbar issues related to pelvic issues.

There are two ways yoga can hurt your pelvic region and many ways it can help. Let us focus on what can go wrong first on the yoga mat.

1) Backbends that are too extreme.
2) Twisting in a way that is too extreme.

Here is the way I used to do “Bridge” pose. Way too extreme, and pushing my pelvis out of alignment. The proper way to do “Bridge”, is to have an even, tilted line. This still accomplishes the stretch in the front of your body, and the strengthening of your inner thighs and back.

The other possible pose you can misalign your pelvis with is a twist. The first twist I am showing is not a safe twist for many of us. Because your spine has been so misaligned, that you can hurt your lumbar spine and pelvic region (which is so connected).

Here is a safer twist. You start in a bridge, shift the hips one direction, and allow the legs to fall away the other direction. That way you keep your spine and your pelvis in alignment.

There are two ways yoga can help with pelvic issues. Certain poses can strengthen your pelvic floor. The first series I am showing looks deceptively easy, but when you push against the strap, and try and lower your back to touch the floor, at the same time you are actually strengthening your pelvis. This can be done in a series, like I am demonstrating.

Once you are finished pushing out against the strap, you can do the reverse pose by pushing in against the block. Notice how I am turning the block in different directions to get a different width, each time focusing on the back evenly touching the ground.

Lastly, “Happy Baby” pose in any version has the effect of relaxing the pelvis, because believe it or not, some of us are too tight down there, and that can cause problems as well.

So be sure to join us for yoga at FYZICAL Fitness, and see all of the amazing effects it has on your body, mind, and spirit.